Explosive’s Proven Process

Start at the top

Explosive COO Christi Michelle personally guides you through implementation. An Amazon obsessive, Christi is the energetic den mother of the Explosive family. Welcome!

Meet the team

When you get Explosive, you get the whole team of specialists. That means industry experts in data mining, battling Amazon cases, advertising, inventory forecasting and more.

Optimized onboarding

We’re with you every step of the way, with white-glove service for a streamlined process. A few focused phone calls and a focused checklist of documents give us the information we need to set you up for success.

Buzzing behind-the-scenes

Meanwhile, our team of Amazon specialists and developers is busy working double-time to register your account, optimize your listings and set your strategic direction.

Fully integrated

From MAP Tracers, our propriety software, to industry-leading tools for inventory forecasting, shipping, listing optimization and more, our cutting-edge technology gives you an edge.


From proactive and defensive ads to optimized listings, we are like fertilizer for your sales. We’ve got a full suite of services to move more units and for better margins. See them all here.

Safe and sound

MAP enforcement is huge. Amazon is a jungle, where vigilance pays off. We’re scanning the horizon for threats while working from the inside to create a safe haven. Here’s how.

Best-laid plans

We use intelligent analytics, digital marketing strategies and insider Amazon insights to maximize your brand content. Check out our solutions.

Explosive’s 30-Day Guarantee

By the end of implementation, you’re ready to rock. Your account is registered. Listings optimized. Strategy in place. Unauthorized sellers unearthed. We manage your account going forward, continually testing, optimizing and strategizing. We do it all, from A to Z.

Book a strategy session now.

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