You NEED to be on Amazon, where 49% of all online sales in the U.S. take place. We make it happen. We’re the friendly pros who handle your account from A to Z – and beyond. We take control of your pricing and boost your profits. For today. For the long-haul.

/ Grow

Scaling your sales, expanding your margins

Optimized Listings

Show-and-tell graphics, keyword-rich headlines, 5-star reviews, and lifestyle photography build momentum and increase both traffic and conversions.

Optimized Listings


We don’t do auto-campaigns. Our custom strategy blends proactive and reactive ads along with AMS -- a powerful program no longer available to the public.


Amazon StorefrontLike having your very own website on Amazon. Showcase your entire product catalogue to sell even more.

EBCEnhanced Brand Content supercharges your entire catalogue by adding quality real estate to your listings. Better aesthetics and branding drive traffic, conversions and sales.

A/B TestingWe’re always under the hood, tinkering for the perfect combination of images and words to maximize sales.

Product LaunchWe deliver stratospheric sales for new items by harnessing Amazon’s constantly evolving programs.

/ Protect

E-commerce wild west sheriffs

MAP Enforcement

MAP Enforcement: Our proprietary MAP Tracers software is on the hunt 24/7 for price violations and unknown or unauthorized sellers. You get a direct report daily. And our distributor agreement contract and vetting service weeds out potentially bad partners.

Amazon transparency program Amazon transparency program
Brand registry Brand registry
Strict e-commerce policies Strict e-commerce policies
24/7/365 MAP monitoring 24/7/365 MAP monitoring
Cease and desist letters Cease and desist letters
Dealer pre-vetting Dealer pre-vetting
Shadow Bottom Left Shadow Bottom Left
Shadow Bottom Right Shadow Bottom Right
Shadow Middle Left Shadow Middle Left
Shadow Middle Right Shadow Middle Right
Shadow Top Shadow Top

And more...

Reviews We deliver an awesome experience for your customers so they’re keen to rate and review. And we nip negative comments in the bud, responding within 24 hours for speedy resolution.

Customer Service Our prompt, polite and professional service will keep your customers happy – and returning.

Amazon Account Management Amazon’s policies and programs are famously complicated and changeable. We make sure your account’s in compliance AND maximized for growth.

Dealer Authenticator Our Dealer Authenticator program pre-screens new retail buyers and proactively weeds out problematic resellers before they become a problem. Get rid of your competition and keep your buy box to yourself!

What Kind of Amazonian are You?

Find out now.

/ Optimize

Proactive approaches for maximum impact

Monthly Reporting

The numbers you need. Our easy-to-read reports give you all the information you need to know you’re on track for success.

Monthly Reporting

SetupStrategy starts at onboarding, with landscape research and competitive analysis of your niche.

SupportWe offer around-the-clock protection with automated and manual oversight of your account. Our dedicated account and inventory managers have your back all day, every day!

Evolving StrategiesAmazon is always changing and so are we. We pride ourselves on staying in-the-know about policy changes and platform features to continuously evolve new strategies.

Three Ways to Sell on Amazon

3rd Party Sellers
3rd Party Sellers

Third-party sellers retail your products on Amazon:

  • No control
  • Minimal income
  • No involvement
  • 3rd party sellers
Wholesale to Amazon
Wholesale to Amazon

You wholesale to Amazon through Vendor Central:

  • Limited control
  • Mediocre income
  • Passive involvement
  • Wholesale to Amazon
Explosive Brand Management
Explosive Brand Management

Explosive gives you full control, including Amazon Advertising and Seller Central campaigns:

  • Maximum control
  • Maximized income
  • Active involvement
  • Direct to consumer

/ Benefits

We’ve got it covered. Here’s how.

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